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designer leslie pozen believes every woman should let her individuality shine.
ellu handbags are vibrant, brave, original...
as is the ellu woman.

Charity: Ellu Gives Back

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New! ELLU hipster and yoga sling

The freshly designed ELLU hipster and yoga sling – versatile and functional while displaying an array of uplifting colors!  View online or check out in person (Booth 8-7094) at the One of A Kind Show at the Merchandise Mart Dec 2-5. For more details and complimentary tickets click here.

Circle Theme

Noticing certain themes in your life can help illuminate aspects of your own true self.

For a brief period in my early twenties I seemed to be attracted to circles, incorporating them in various works of art. Years later my designs came “full circle” when I created my first ELLU Macro Tote, using circle designs that seemed oddly familiar.

Reflecting on this “circle theme” brought me back to my youth growing up on the plains of the midwest surrounded by many examples of circles and cycles. Sunrise-sunset, full moon-new moon, planting-harvesting, cycles of definite seasons, etc. are fond memories influencing how I express myself through my ELLU designs today.

Curiosity and life wisdom have given me a better understanding of the significance of this circular shape that surrounds us from microcosm to macrocosm and is revered by so many cultures to this day.  Reflecting on this “circle theme” has helped me tap into aspects of my own true self.

Let us know about the “themes” shedding light on your true self!

Fall Color Has Arrived!

The new ELLU Fall 2010 collection bursts with vivid color, metallic shine, and earthly textures.

Shining One

At various times I get curious looks about the name, ELLU. Since these days people seem “time crunched” I usually just say it’s an ancient word meaning “the Shining One” though the story goes much deeper, with layers upon layers. I’ll share a few now.

In 2007, through travels in Peru, I came across this ancient word which led me to discover how I was not allowing my true self to shine. Even as a child I have memories of being overly humble with any artistic talent and my passion to create which carried through until recently when this ancient word struck me so deeply. I realized that this way of being was in no way beneficial to myself or anyone. Recognizing this was the first step of an emerging freedom to allow my true self to outwardly radiate.

Discussing this with other women I found I was in no way alone. As women we tend to shine the light on others, which is great, but we need to illuminate our own being, too. I once read that “great freedom can be found in finding one’s true self”. I might add that great freedom can be found in finding your true self, loving it, and letting it shine. This is the essence of ELLU!

How do you let your true self shine? Submit your quote in the comments below.

Discover the Artist in You!

Tap into your creative energy and design your own ELLU bag at the Andersonville Galleria Fri Oct 8, 6-10pm. ELLU is joining the celebration of Chicago’s Artist Month during the Andersonville Arts Weekend, Oct 8-10. During the opening event, ‘Night of 100 pARTies’ (Oct 8) the Galleria will be showcasing artist demonstrations and other special events. ELLU designer, Leslie Pozen, will be providing a wide range of textiles and vegan materials for you to create a bag that showcases the artist in you!


The latest ellu.5 collection – PARIDOT – to help widow Mom rebuild home after devestating flood in Peru. Read the story at

The freedom loving energy of the number 5 is about compassionate concern for others and making the world a better place. 50% of the proceeds from each of these five-of-a-kind bags goes to charity.Visit our charity page to learn more.

Check out ellu.5 PARIDOT – a mix of multi-colored hues paired with shades of green and vegan textures.


We so thank you for being drawn to our ELLU blog!

Here at ELLU we are excited to offer you a vibrant new look merging fresh and original designs into versatile, functional bags that are fun for every day. ELLU handbags display a fabulous mix of remnants and contemporary textiles while faux leathers offer an animal-friendly choice. ELLU bags are hand cut, hand sewn, and well made in Chicago, U.S.A.

The mission of this blog is to not only inform you about ELLU products, news, and events but to also offer inspirations of finding your true self, loving it, and letting it shine.

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